[ardour-users] Crossfade from song to song.

Mike Fisher mrfisher_1 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 08:25:48 PST 2005

 Hi everybody.  I'm finishing up an  album here and I have a quick question.  After the songs are  individually mixed, I'm going to want to make smooth crossfades from  song to song and create nice little transitions as well.  I want  to do this so that when someone plays the disc there will be no breaks  in between the tracks. nothing but pure audio and no silence.
  My first instinct is to export stereo files of the songs and then  import those songs into an "album" session in ardour.  Make all  the crossfades and whatnot with all the songs in one session and then  export that to one huge file.  Is this a bad idea, and if not how  would I separate the tracks but leave the transistions from song to  song in tact?  

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