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Thu Dec 29 02:39:55 PST 2005

hello everybody!

First of all, please excuse my hesitating english writing!

happy new year to all ardour people and users around the world!

We are the french free rock band Godon <http://www.godon.org> and we'd 
like to share with you all our ardour experimentations. We were for a 
one week long "residence" in november, in the concert room des 
Lendemains Qui Chantent <http://www.deslendemainsquichantent.org> in 
Tulle (France, 19). That is to say we had the freedom to work on our set 
in professionnal conditions, with 8 K of sound power and a Midas H1000 
in the front, professionnal stage stuff, etc... We've been working with 
Ardour since last summer, to delivrate samples, clicks, sound 
illustrations during our shows. so on stage was a computer running 
demudi and Ardour 0.99, french translation, and qjack. A DI box was 
sending the samples tracks to the front console, another one was sending 
the click to the drummer's ear monitors. I'd just like to say that it 
was really easy to control and work on the materials while working on 
stage. For example, we could modify gain automations very precisely, for 
the general "rendu" in the room. Ardour was very stable, no crash, no 
particular problem, only serious and professionnal behaviour! So we are 
now on the course to integrate more and more samples and sound materials 
in our show, with the same software of course! We're in a reflexions 
stage right now, trying to build and get running our "stage 
configuration". That will probably be according to Gorfou 
<http://gorfou.fr/site/Station-audionumerique-multipiste.html>'s advices 
and services. We will, on the very beginning of 2006, launch on our 
website a found raising campaign, so people willing to help building 
this stage config will have the possibility to do it in a nice and 
clever way. If, by our work and music, we can show the world (!) that 
Ardour and in general free software, are now professionnal quality and 
stability, even in "live conditions", then we'll have the feeling of the 
"devoir accompli"!!

You can listen to the tracks recorded with ardour during the residence 
(only stereo from the front console, that was to keep a trace of this 
work!) on the web site: there's a flash player top right on the site, 
and the tunes with the word "residence" in the title are the ones. For 
the samples, please have a look at "Oil" and "Flight Club". if you want 
to download this tracks, you can do it so visiting this page 

Thank you for this great software. hope to see some of you sometime!
re happy new year to everybody!

Dominique Godon

skype vincedoug

dominique chez godon.org
dominique.godon chez gmail.com

La voie est libre!

http://www.godon.org => Rock Alternatif en libre diffusion, Workshop "Les Tres Riches heures De La Libre Diffusion"
http://www.jamendo.com => Ouvrez Grandes Vos Oreilles!
http://www.bnflowers.com => Butinez De La Musique Libre
http://www.les-createurs.org => Comme Son Nom L'Indique
http://www.charte-zone-libre.org => Décollage Imminent

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