[ardour-users] Professional Sound Card Choices

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 19:48:23 PST 2005

Ok so I am looking to upgrade my current workstation's sound card to 
help with a few problems I have been having with Ardour, along with a 
few other tweaks.

Most of what I use in Linux for audio is Ardour and Rezound(Obviously 
along with Jack) and assorted LADSPA plugs.

I am curious, is RME still about the best soundcard availiable on Linux 
with decent support?  Any RME cards I should stay away from other than 
the fireface?  I am currently looking at running a HDSP 96/52 or similar 
card, but if there are other options out there of similar or better 
quality I would like to know.

Also as the network based jack protocols are still under development and 
arent very useful for me, I will be looking at running an ADAT line to a 
mac box to run VST plugins in, anyone see a problem with this?  Yes I 
know fst and the like exists, but at the moment I am not sure that will 
fulfill what I need, as the plugins I have in mind will probably require 
hardware dongles, which I dont believe are supported yet.

      Thomas Vecchione

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