[ardour-users] sync ardour and rosegarden

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Tue Dec 13 02:44:15 PST 2005

On Tuesday 13 Dec 2005 01:13, Phil Frost wrote:
> MMC, MTC, ardour as master. This works pretty well, except I can't get
> rosegarden to record as ardour plays.  Enabling record in ardour has no 
> effect on rosegarden, although the transports do otherwise sync. Hitting
> record in rosegarden de-syncs the transports.

Unlike Ardour, whose record button prepares for record but doesn't start the 
transport, Rosegarden's record button starts recording immediately.  This 
works even though Rosegarden is supposed to be the slave, but since 
Rosegarden is slave, it doesn't send anything to let Ardour know this has 
happened, and since Ardour is master, it would ignore it anyway.

However, Rosegarden does have an alternative record control that only prepares 
recording -- just hit Space, or go to Tools -> Transport -> Punch in Record.  
Then start the transport from Ardour, and Rosegarden should start recording 
as soon as the transport's rolling.

btw, it shouldn't be necessary (although it shouldn't hurt) to activate both 
MMC and MTC for this.  MTC alone should be enough.

> MMC, MTC, rosegarden as master. This almost works too, except that
> aparently rosegarden sends MMC play every few seconds, which ardour
> thinks means "toggle play".

Rosegarden shouldn't be doing that.  I've just checked the code, and MMC_PLAY 
is only sent when playback is initialised, which should only happen once.  
You say "apparently" -- how are you determining this?

Either way, the easiest thing should be to use JACK transport.  One thing 
worth noting is that Rosegarden will let you switch on JACK transport sync at 
the same time as MMC/MTC master or slave, which can have unpredictable 
results -- something you probably want to avoid unless you have a specific 
purpose (e.g. Rosegarden on JACK transport and MTC master for a hardware MIDI 
device, with no other local applications listening for MMC/MTC).


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