[ardour-users] sync ardour and rosegarden

Phil Frost indigo at bitglue.com
Mon Dec 12 17:13:53 PST 2005

Since ardour does not yet have midi tracks (hint hint), I am attempting
to get rosegarden and ardour transports to sync. I have tried several
configurations, which all fail in one way or another.

Jack Transport. Rosegarden works, mostly, but ardour behaves
sporadically. The playhead jumps a bar backwards every 2 bars, or won't
play at all. If rosegarden is also running, the playhead rapidly jumps
between the position it was stopped and the start of the timeline when I
hit 'stop' in ardour. Bug 1163 in mantis

MMC, MTC, ardour as master. This works pretty well, except I can't get
rosegarden to record as ardour plays. Enabling record in ardour has no
effect on rosegarden, although the transports do otherwise sync. Hitting
record in rosegarden de-syncs the transports.

MMC, MTC, rosegarden as master. This almost works too, except that
aparently rosegarden sends MMC play every few seconds, which ardour
thinks means "toggle play". I can not find any spec, but MMC does have
"play" and "stop" commands, which makes me inclined to believe play
should not toggle. Furthermore, if it toggled and the command were ever
lost, some device would forever be in the wrong state, which seems like
a really dumb design even for midi.

Has anyone had success getting ardour and rosegarden (CVS versions of
each) to sync? If so, how?

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