[ardour-users] ardour on os x

Christian S. Collberg collberg at cs.arizona.edu
Mon Dec 12 09:14:01 PST 2005

I get similar problems. Looks like libjack.dylib can't be
found. Still,

OS Version:     10.4.3 (Build 8F46)
Report Version: 3

Command: ardour
Path:    /Volumes/Ardour-0.99-2/Ardour-0.99/Ardour.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ardour
Parent:  Ardour [4240]

Version: 0.99 (1.0)

PID:    4241
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libjack.0.dylib
  Referenced from: /Volumes/Ardour-0.99-2/Ardour-0.99/Ardour.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ardour
  Reason: image not found

> On 12/12/05, Jean-Louis Huhta <jean-louis at bredband.net> wrote:
> > Hi all .
> > I recently got a tip from a friend about ardour,
> > Im really curious  to try it but it wont start on my computer.
> > Im using a g 4 powerbook with mac os x 10.4.3
> > i have installed jack and qjack ctl.
> > After starting jack  i start ardour but it just closes down.
> > Does any one have any news that would be helpfull
> Make sure you have installed X11 from the Tiger disk (or a very large download).
> If you have already done this and are still having problems, open the
> Utilities->Console
>  application and watch the console.log for messages when you try to
> start Ardour.
> jlc
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