[ardour-users] Mastering a song - one jamin per track?

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Sun Dec 11 06:24:47 PST 2005

linuxsmiley at gmx.net:
> Hello everybody,
> I have successfully recorded some songs of our band, each instrument
> on its own so that I have guitar seperated from vocals, drums etc.
> While mastering I stumbled on a little problem: the drums sound a bit
> different to what they should but I could manage the problem with
> jamin. Now I have found two of the other drums don't sound ok either
> and the vocals need to have compression turned on - do I really need
> to start (and connect) an instance of jamin to each track? I see that

There are a couple of good LADSPA compressors to do just that indoors. 
But nothing really prevents you from having multiple instances of jamin 
alternatively and work specific tracks with it. No rules here.

> jamin has support for different scenes - couldn't I just assign track
> Drum-1 to Scene 1, Drum-2 to Scene 2 and so on?

No. With "Scenes" you set up a *sequence* of settings if you wanted to 
master a sequence of pieces with different tone control requirements.


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