[ardour-users] "Run plugins while recording" does not reduce CPU load

mArukqs marukas at hardcore.lt
Tue Dec 6 06:47:04 PST 2005


Today I was recording vocals for one of my tracks.

I noticed that recorded vocal goes terribly out of sync (I recorded
guitars an hour ago and alignment was nice). It is like 16th note at 4/4
on 120bpm!

I noticed that CPU load is 45%. Option "Run plugins while recording" is
disabled, but the CPU load is the same. "top" sometimes shows ardour CPU
usage 98%.

jackd was running with 64 frames period. I also tried 128 frames period.

To temporary solve the problem I disabled all plugins track by track, bus
by bus manually (8 tracks, 5 buses). CPU load jumped down to 15%. Then I
recorded vocal. Vocal was nice.

Does it mean that "Run plugins while recording" just "bypasses" plugins
while running them? :/ I would like them not to use CPU when I am

How can I disable all plugins while recording so they dont eat my CPU and
cause alignment problems.


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