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I did a quick install and mucked around with 64studio before putting fedora back on my system and I thought I'd just mention what I thought.  As far as ardour goes it was incredible.  My system is a AMD 64 X2 3800+, and ardour ran so fast and easily handled anything thrown at it without a problem.  All the other major apps seems to load and run quite quickly as well.  As far as maturity in an OS, it is lacking (obviously being only ALPHA at the moment), install was not as intelligent as most other distros, but I got their eventually.  It screwed up the way it handled fonts, and came across with the wrong sizing and look in all the apps, and the whole layout and appearance was rather ordinary but I didn't have time to go searching for how to fix the problems.  All in all it promises to be a kick arse distro for audio and video work, probably worth a putting on a spare partition.

My 2 cents,
Andy J
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