[ardour-users] Re: question about KDE desktop and Demudi/Ardour

WoWeePratt woweepratt at comcast.net
Wed Aug 31 10:24:15 PDT 2005

Thanks for your reply.

I'm new to Linux so I'm asking dumb questions here...

How do I start the KDE desktop environment?

I am not running the live cd, I'm running from the HD. When I boot up I get 
the "unique" agnula login screen which does not give me a desktop choice.

Also, what is a "gtkX-app"?

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On 8/31/05, WoWeePratt <woweepratt at comcast.net> wrote:
> I would like to use the KDE Desktop. Is Demudi/Agnula compatible with KDE?

Last time I checked, the agnula/demudi live cd booted right into KDE...

> Is Ardour compatible with KDE?

sure, why shouldn't it? You can run any gtkX-app you want within KDE
and any KDE-app in gnome.


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