[ardour-users] snap and grid function

Felipe Machado felipenalista at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 08:26:10 PDT 2005

thes in ardour the snap+grid function ? like in protools or nuendo ? it´s 
very important to edit, i dont find...
there is ? 
The Snap function helps you to find exact positions when editing in the 
Project window. It does this by restricting horizontal movement and 
positioning to certain positions. Operations affected by Snap include 
moving, copying, drawing, sizing, splitting, range selection, etc.

In this mode, the Snap positions are set with the Grid pop-up menu to the 
right. The options depend on the display format selected for the ruler. For 
example, if the ruler is set to show bars and beats, the grid can be set to 
bars, beats or the quantize value set with the next pop-up menu to the 
right. If a time- or frame-based ruler format is selected, the grid pop-up 
menu will contain time- or frame-based grid options, etc.
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