[ardour-users] Dolby Digital Sound Mixing

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Sun Aug 14 20:09:03 PDT 2005

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 linuxsmiley at gmx.net wrote:

>>  Helge, what paul is saying here is that it has a basic capability to pan a 
>>  track to more than 2 channels but it isn't particularly well suited for 
>>  5.1.  Primarily, the interaction between the left, center, and right will 
>>  probably be difficult to get right with ardour's default 2d panners.  For 
>>  a music production I would simply ignore the LFE channel entirely anyway, 
>>  it is rarely used even by professionals for music.
> If you interpret "LFE channel" as a "subwoofer channel" than you're right - I 
> don't need it. But the front center - I think - I do need: e.g. one guitar on 
> the left front channel, the second one on the right channel and the drums on 
> the center speaker (just an example, needs a lot of fine-tuning ;-)). Am I 
> right I can change these "balance positions"  during time by this 
> "automation" function?

Yes, I meant the LFE as in subwoofer.  Basically, if you try 
ardour out and create a track with 5 output ports you'll get a 
panner with 5 dots representing each channel.  You can arrange 
them in the panner in representative positions, then move a 
"puck" for each input channel that will be panned according to 
its position.  However, the algorithm used will probably not 
give you the kind of control you need, although it may appear to 
be somewhat useful.  I believe you are able to automate the 
panning through realtime automation recording, but not 


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