[ardour-users] Dolby Digital Sound Mixing

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Sun Aug 14 08:41:26 PDT 2005

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, Paul Davis wrote:

>> I want to do the following: I have about 10 audio files (mono .wav)
>> which I want to arrange to a Dolby Digital audio stream for a DVD. It's
> AFAIK, you cannot create Dolby Digital audio streams with open source
> software. the encoding is proprietary.

Paul, surely you remember my software ac3jack?  It uses the AC3 
(dolby digital) encoding from the FFMPEG library.  Legality 
slightly questionable, but it works.


I need to make some efficiency improvements, but if someone 
actually uses it, my incentive to do so increases.

> you can do 2D-planar multi-speaker panning in ardour, for sure, but that
> is not the same thing at all.

Helge, what paul is saying here is that it has a basic capability 
to pan a track to more than 2 channels but it isn't particularly 
well suited for 5.1.  Primarily, the interaction between the 
left, center, and right will probably be difficult to get right 
with ardour's default 2d panners.  For a music production I would 
simply ignore the LFE channel entirely anyway, it is rarely used 
even by professionals for music.


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