[ardour-users] gate swh-plugin

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Fri Apr 29 02:05:41 PDT 2005

"gerard van dongen" <gml at xs4all.nl>:

> hmm, I have never gotten the swh gate to work.
> This is with liblrdf-0.4.0 and swh-plugins-0.4.12
> There were also intermittent failures with some plugins here, that
> won't work when reloading the session.
> They would actually silence all outputs, not just the tracks they
> were on when enabled. Bypassing them would bring back the sound.

Yes, odd. I used to have problems like that with the SC compressors. 
When tweaking they would go black sooner or later. Only for the track 
though. That's gone now. The release-note for 0.4.13 on 
http://plugin.org.uk/ talks about SC4 and Fast lookahead limiter 

Hard to say, as some of the problems might, like you say, be in fact 
host problems, some of it were liblrdf problems, some denormals. My 
take on it is: use liblrdf-0.4.0 and swh-plugins-0.4.13. No more plugin 
troubles. Well, at least until Sampo made me try the vocoder, ha, but 
I'll cook up something for him alright :)


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