[ardour-users] gate swh-plugin

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Apr 28 04:00:40 PDT 2005

"Oleg Ivanenko" <oai-ash at yandex.ru>:
> >It works alright. Make sure to set hf key filter frequency to
> > something higher than the default 0.49 hz :)
> Yes, it works perfectly on my box yesterday!
> BUT if you change "Select Output" to "Bypass" even once -- that's all
> folks. Plugin not worked forever. Any changes useless. If you want
> that plugin begin works you must "cut" and "add" it afresh.

Oleg, I'll keep coming at you, I want you to use that gate .) The gate 
works, be it bypassed, looked at venomously or cursed about. I tried it 
just now on a vocal track to make sure again. On IRC Steve Harris said 
yesterday the plugin had problems. Makes me think "What?" because here 
it doesn't. None obvious at least.

You bypass via the "Output select" drop-down and that makes me think 
your liblrdf version is the cause of your troubles. I have 
liblrdf-0.4.0 and swh-plugins-0.4.13/gate_1410.so and you don't :)

Apart from that I find myself repeatedly wondering why the gated audio 
seems to be gone only to realize that by tweaking I just gated 
everything out. So I've took up the habit to first set all time 
parameters to minimum. Fast attack, no hold, no decay. Then I increase 
the HF key filter frequency into the audible world. And _then_ start 
tweaking threshold. Basically I had to learn how to use a gate.

Plus a little something else on gates: I used the gate_1410 extensively 
on various tracks of a song these days. After fine-tuning everything to 
death I realized that the song sounded dead. So I took most of it back 
out again. The song is on 
Does the track need more gating? Tell you what: It needs an end, that's 
what it needs.

Happy gating, Wolfgang

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