[ardour-users] exporting tracks?

David Mulcahy eseol at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Apr 27 07:10:08 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 27 April 2005 14:38, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
> Kevin, ok, you tried a lot of things. Next thing you could try is build
> ardour with "scons DEBUG=1" and run it inside a debugger:
> $ cd ardour/gtk_ardour
> $ ./ardbg
> gdb shows up, at the prompt you say
> gdb> run
> When the export crashes/comatizes ardour you can try to get a backtrace
> with
> gdb> thread apply all bt
> (If ardour doesn't really crash though it's more complicated. You would
> have to set a breakpoint and then apply bt)
> Another thing to check would be to look for jackd right after the
> freeze. Is it alive?
> In qjackctl -> Setup you can set a (much) longer timeout so that jackd
> waits longer for an app to come back up again.
> If the above doesn't help then you should
> /join #ardour on freenode.net to get live and way more competent help
> from las, taybin, sampo_v2 and nick_. Keep a list at hand with exact
> kernel version, jackd version, ardour version etc.
> > Each of those cases I've tried with the realcap module loaded
> I'm on 2.4.26/caps, no experience with 2.6/realcap module
> > long enough -- a minute or two -- while ardour grinds, then the
> > exported file seems intact and sounds like what I'd expect.
> >
> > I guess my experience isn't exactly "quietly freezing and dying"
> > in that ardour didn't die; it slipped into a coma maybe.
> It's a productive coma then, isn't it :?
> > In the ardour-dev mailing list archives I found a thread titled
> > "workaround for the "silent export" bug using beta19?"  This is Paul
> That was something else obviously.
> > ardour.rc things have mattered in the past for other issues.  I
> > can't see how this might be the case now, but here is the config
> > for things other than key-bindings in my ardour.rc:
> Your rc looks totally ok. Me being a monkey I would try the case with
> vst disabled, but just out of a hunch. I use vst too and have zero
> problems with it.
> Wolfgang
This is a known issue isnt it?
Are you doing somesort of sample rate conversion or something like that during 

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