[ardour-users] gate swh-plugin

Oleg Ivanenko oai-ash at yandex.ru
Wed Apr 27 00:08:56 PDT 2005

>> Do You know another similar LADSPA plugin?
>> I've swh, cmt and tap plugins.
>> Gate presence only in swh afaik.
>No I don't.  When I REALLY need a gate, I have an external hardware
>compressor with gating, and I'll just use that.  Otherwise I go back
>and do gain editing on the recorded tracks to take out the noise when

Ok. I see.
As the saying is "If You want so as something working good -- make it by yourself"

Truly yours, Oleg Ivanenko aka Ash
[Все это было бы смешно, когда бы не было так грустно]

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