[ardour-users] Tempo controled tremolo plugin

Chris Bozic cbozic at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 11:22:47 PDT 2005

That's a slick hack!  :)  As I said before I don't know how to program
plugins but if whatever standard is chosen, this idea could apply to
many different effects.  It would be sweet to have this concept on a
delay/echo or an auto-wah effect.  ...any modulation effect.  Is there
anything I can do to help out with this effort?


On 4/26/05, Tom Szilagyi <st444 at hszk.bme.hu> wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 11:13:08AM -0400, Paul Davis wrote:
> >
> > LADSPA contains no mechanism to relay tempo information to the plugin.
> >
> > i would be willing to work with any LADSPA plugins on a hack similar
> > to the one we adopted for relaying latency values *from* plugins. if
> > the plugin has a port called "tempo", we could write the current tempo
> > in BPM (more in a second) to the plugin at the start of every
> > process() cycle.
> I would be happy to support such a convention. As I already have a
> tremolo plugin, it would be fairly easy to extend it.
> >
> > however, you have to define BPM as well. the simplest definition is
> > quarter notes (crotchets to my fellow brits) per minute.
> Yes, but we won't necessarily have to set this in stone. Maybe we
> could define another "port" that would publish information about the
> 'bars:beats' setting in Ardour. I guess there's more than one way to
> pack two integers (with values plausibly smaller than 16 bits) into a
> float (or LADSPA_Data) value... [1] This way the plugin could maintain
> intimate knowledge of the tempo settings of Ardour. This is just a
> wild idea, so tell me if you think it's useless.
> [1] An ugly hack. Better ideas, please!
>         // from bars:beats to float (inside host)
>         int bar, beat;
>         float f;
>         ...
>         bar &= 0xffff;
>         beat &= 0xffff;
>         *((int *)(&f)) = (bar << 16) + beat;
>         // convert back (inside plugin)
>         bar = *((int *)(&f)) >> 16;
>         beat = *((int *)(&f)) & 0xffff;
> Tom
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