[ardour-users] Automation and the BCF2000

Keith Smith kah.smith at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 26 07:50:42 PDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-25 at 21:16 -0400, Joe Hartley wrote:

> I've been playing around with things like controlling submixes and
> conserving visible track space, and am working on a second preset that
> could act like a second page in the way described here.
> I'd initially thought the encoder groups might help, but since they don't
> affect the faders, that approach had limited usefulness to me.  A second
> preset  is just the ticket here.  Two's the limit thanks to the MIDI spec,
> with only 16 channels.
> I really should perfect saving and loading these things to disk first,
> though :-/
Thanks, Joe.
BTW, I had an interesting time with the transport buttons when I was
getting this to work. At first I just started with an unused preset and
manually copied the transport button settings from preset 2 to the new
one after I had made the other settings per your article. I just
couldn't get that to work. When I tried to use the BCF Learn function to
set them the 'Type' came up on the BCF as 'spc'(if I remember
correctly)??. When I copied the whole preset #2 to a new location and
edited the faders, pans etc. the transport buttons worked fine. Do you
understand what that's about? I sure don't.


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