[ardour-users] Using plugins in ardour

Mario Torre mppr_kris at tiscali.it
Sun Apr 24 10:29:37 PDT 2005


This is my first message to this list, and I would like to thank who is 
working in any way (developers/testers/users...) on this great software.

I have a question about plugins I was not able to answer by myself: is 
it possible to use a plugin to alter only a region of a track, without 
using the plugin send in the mixer?

For example, I have the "Magical Singer Creator" plugin, which will let 
you sing in tune even if you are a dog (great for recording batman - my 
little dog :) and I would like to use it in short regions, to adjust 
little errors of the recorded voice track. The only way I found to use 
this effect is:

A - Split the track and use the plugin on the regions that need repair
B - Use automation to bypass the plugin in all but the relevant regions

I'm using the second choice, but it really sounds to me as an hack...

There is a better alternative?

Thank you for the answers!


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