[ardour-users] Hardware Monitoring on RME9636

Martin Büchler martin.buechler at vrweb.de
Mon Apr 18 02:01:42 PDT 2005

Mark Knecht wrote:
> You should be able to accomplish most of what you want (without level
> setting capabilities and with some latency) by going into QJackCtl and
> wiring a specific alsa_pcm:capture input to a specific
> alsa_pcm:playback output I would think. Jack itself will mix audio
> from two sources so you could receive on a specific capture port and
> route it to both Ardour and the playback port. Record in Ardour but do
> not enable the track output to go to the Ardour master. I would think
> that would work although it would have some latency.

Pure software monitoring won't really ever work for my Athlon 800Mhz. At 
a buffersize of 64 I get way too many xruns and jack-initiated-shutdowns 
of ardour.

> Real hardware monitoring is very dependent on the hardware, obviously.
> If the card has the capability is question #1. Then can Linux enable
> it.

It did, I finally got it working with the 'Channel thru' setting, but 
the drawbacks, see point 1. and 2., make it unusable at least for my 
minimalistic setup.
I tend to buy a little mixer with good mic preamps and then use 
pre-fader sends to deliver the signal for recording to ardour while 
listening to the mixer's sum, consisting of the input to monitor and the 
  master output from ardour coming from the AEB-O channel 1 and 2.
In that scenario, there should be no more need for any hw monitoring 
card settings, but I have another ugly box sitting in our living room 
office, that my wife will love to hate... ;)

>>1. Channel thru makes this channels in _and_ output only useable for the
>>monitor signal, it doesn't automagically mix with what is coming from
>>another source.
>>2. To get a no latency mix of both for monitoring while recording, I
>>mean the monitor signal and the tracks, I still need an external analog
>>or I have the monitor on the left and everything else on the other
>>side...hmm not really exciting.


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