[ardour-users] 0.9 beta19: faders at zero and exporting silence, time to upgrade?

Martin Buechler martin.buechler at vrweb.de
Sun Apr 17 11:50:15 PDT 2005

>>Hi at ardour,
>>>Had a quite working system with ardour 0.9beta19 from PlanetCCRMA. I
> You should absolutely, unequivocally, definitely upgrade to beta28.
> --p

Thanks for the advice, I wasn't able to find a prebuild RPM of 
ardour-0.9beta28 for Redhat8, so I decided to rebuild the Redhat9 CCRMA 
package. Someone new to Linux audio may be happy to get a binary right 
away on his good old RH8 desktop, which seems to be unsupported now by 

@Fernando: is it ok to publish[1] the RH8 package with no changes to the 
SPEC and the PACKAGERS files?


[1] http://home.vrweb.de/martin.buechler/ardour-0.9beta28-1.i386.rpm

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