[ardour-users] 0.9 beta19: faders at zero and exporting silence , time to upgrade?

Martin Büchler martin.buechler at vrweb.de
Mon Apr 11 04:22:51 PDT 2005

Hi at ardour,

Had a quite working system with ardour 0.9beta19 from PlanetCCRMA. I
could export and even sometimes the key bindings are working.
'Sometimes' means, after loading a fresh session it works, but somehow
some key bindigs (especially 'p') vanish, and maybe come back, if I do
several Ctrl-m and Ctrl-e, hm, extremely cumbersome. Setting the
playhead with a keystroke is _mission critical_, if you wear an
instrument, I'd say.

But, it may be that I started ardour under some different LANG settings,
sone time 'de', the next time 'en', and I guess, that might be the
problem that I have with mixing and exporting my work:

1. Faders are at zero after loading a session, means the mix has gone,
2. Exporting writes silence, megadamned...

My co-musicians use logiccubasereasonmacos9stuff, and they have a lot
more fun with their cracks than I, with my holy shit...

'beta28 has serious problems too', I read in ardour-dev, do you think
it's still worth upgrading?


PS: the 'changed LANG'/'Fader at zero' problem exists since ever,

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