[ardour-users] CCRMA vs. AGNULA

TommyDrum mycooc at yahoo.it
Tue Apr 5 12:45:58 PDT 2005

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O/H ulrich steffens έγραψε:
| hi,
| i also wouldn't recommend gentoo for beginners. its a fine thing if
| you're familiar with some basics and know your way at the commandline. .

Hmm, I have to say I disagree on that; I was totally ignorant of
anything having to do with linux at the time I installed gentoo (that
was 1.4, which is the machine I'm writing from, totally up-to-date with
2005.0) and by following the handbook I didn't have a single problem
from stage 1 install to complete X and windowmaker, since the handbook
is really very well written.

| the ways to install gentoo differ from 'rather easy' to 'geek god' and
| can take from just hours to days. though its a good option if you know
| some basics and have some massive cpu-power.

That's right. Especially if you're doing a stage-1 install
(bootstrapping and the rest) on a p3 600 machine. If using stage 3,
although, it's pretty straightforward and not THAT time consuming. About
the 'geek god', well, it all has to do with how much time you spend on
it, but anyway I don't consider it as a hussle.

| i think it really doesn't matter what specific distro you use at the
| beginning. either way you have to learn your way through maintain a
| linux-box, and i never ever met a single person who tried only one
| distro and stayed there :) the one big trap with linux is one of its

Ehmmm.... me? No, ok, just kidding, since I passed from redhat 7.3 to
debian unstable to suse to gentoo... but all of this 5 years ago,
sticking to gentoo after a couple of months of rpm hell (and apt limbo)

| greatest advantages: the freedom of choice.
| for example, distrowatch lists 386 linux-distributions... ;)
| and while i never tried ccrma or agnula i personally would tend to
| agnula in favour of APT to RPM. i also found debian much 'lighter' than
| redhat/fedora and the beauty of debians package system is superior*.

Look 'rpm hell'. Totally agree on that. Agnula is very well built and is
~ optimised for audio work, so if I ever change my distro (very unlikely
though, since I'm satisfied with my gentoo box) I would go for Agnula.

But of course it's a matter of choice. And yes, I know that gentoo takes
lots of time to compile but I don't care. I'm greek. And slow. And maybe
I pause for a couple of coffees before working.



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