[ardour-users] Re: perl script to extract regions from ardour session.

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Thu Sep 30 06:55:57 PDT 2004

Wolfgang Woehl wrote on Thu, 30-Sep-2004:

 > >  > <Region id="1096228188964266" name="rec2.1" start="0" length="30222336"
 > >  > position="1359872" layer="0" sync-position="0" flags="0x31a"
 > >  > scale-gain="1.000000" source="1096225604226481"
 > >  > source-0="1096225604226481" source-1="1096225604226886" channels="2">
 > Andy: A new session made with Ardour/GTK 0.531.1 libardour 0.832.2 has 
 > "source" and "source-0". Must be missing something since you do have 
 > "source-1". Tell me what.
source and source-0 both refer to the first channel of the region.
source-1 is the 2nd channel (a stereo region)... if the region
was created on a multichannel track, you might see even more source-#s.
You probably already knew this.


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