[ardour-users] Re: Segfault on export of region

andy news4 at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Sun Sep 26 08:45:04 PDT 2004

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 03:23:13 -0400, Jesse Chappell wrote:

> Mark Knecht wrote on Fri, 10-Sep-2004:
>  > Hi,
>  >    Just playing a bit with Ardour. My main interest is in dithering
>  > the output of Ardour to a file. In looking for how to do this (hints
>  > warmly accepted) I tried exporting a recorded stereo track. Right
>  > click, choose region and then Export. Ardour segfaults and completely
>  > disappears. Edits were not saved upon restart.
> Damn.  I can't reproduce this here (albeit with the latest ardour
> CVS).  Any chance you might try out IRC, and join the #ardour
> channel on irc.freenode.net ?  xchat is a good client.  I'm usually
> around there, and its a better way to do troubleshooting like
> this.

I've had this problem also, with 0.9beta19-1. It would help if you could
suggest a version to use which:

- is a generally stable release (i.e. a bugfix release rather than lots of
new code)
- lets you punch track recording in and out while recording. (This was
brought in recently I think, and I need it for what I'm setting up.)
- doesn't have this bug.

It's not crucial for what I want, because I've written a script which
parses the xml config file and extracts the regions from the wavs that
way, but it would be better if there was a way to do it through the GUI as


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