[ardour-users] gtk+ version conflicts

Walco walco-ardour at n--tree.net
Mon Sep 20 06:50:00 PDT 2004


> I have a problem with ardour and gtk+.  ardour ./configure wants exactly
> version gtk+-1.2.8.  this version is present and was compiled from a
> tarball.  but initially, gtk+-1.2.10.deb was installed and I don't know
> how to remove it without breaking several (.deb) dependencies requiring >=
> gtk+1.2.10.  both libraries reside in /usr/lib, so I don't think a change
> in ld.so.conf or LD_IBRARY_PATH will help.  ardour's configure complains
> that

it would probably be better to put your locally compiled stuff in
/usr/local and adjust LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly.


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