[ardour-users] Re: Book

D. R. Evans N7DR at arrl.net
Sun Sep 12 14:59:52 PDT 2004

Jan Depner said the following at 2004-09-12 09:27 :

> 	Actually, other than having to rec enable a specific track, this is
> exactly the way you record with any VCR, DVR, and most tape recorders. 

But not with any piece of Windows software that I have :-)

> You have to select a specific track because you may have 30 or 40 of
> them.  This is also how Pro-Tools, Cubase, and others work.

I don't have those; I just have several low-end Windows programs. They 
all record things by simply hitting the "record" button.

> 	You did realize that some of the manual is obfuscated so that when Paul
> wants to sell the manual there'll be a market, didn't you?

Yes :-) And I will be first in line to send him money. (Well, I probably 
won't, but you know what I mean -- I'm more than happy to pay for good 
documentation, and I think this model is great. I just hope that Paul 
hasn't seriously understimated how difficult and time-consuming it is to 
write really good documentation.)


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