[ardour-users] what is happening when ardour gets kicked by jackd?

rob mailingLists at pangolin.org.uk
Thu Sep 9 17:27:58 PDT 2004

Seeing as no one has answered yet I'll have ago. This is just my

Basicly ardour takes to long to respond to Jack. Jack gets upset and
kicks ardour off.

Why Ardour takes too long respond is probably due to a bug in the kernel
realtime stuff.

For example for me ardour gets kicked off if I have network stuff
happening in the background such as email being fetched. On older 2.6
kernels I also got kicked off when the hard disk was used.

As to a solution, search the mailing lists for all the tips on getting
low latency and cross your fingers.

This might help.


Also 2.4 + ll works much better than 2.6 atm. But there is not much you
can do if your hardware needs 2.6.

As I say I don't really know the answer this is just a guess. Might be
better than nothing might not. (also make sure you are running jack with
the -R option)

On Mon, 2004-09-06 at 08:09, andy wrote:
> I keep having problems where ardour gets kicked by jackd and the only way
> to reconnect is by saving the session and restarting. Can anyone give a
> reasonably straightforward explanation of what's happening here and how to
> stop it? So far I've more or less fixed it by rescheduling ardour to run
> at nice -7, which puts it above the X server but below the kernel daemon
> processes, but I'm not sure if this is the best way. I know the basics of
> how C/C++ code and linux interprocess communications work, but haven't
> much experience coding, so don't make it too involved.
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