[ardour-users] Analog Input level Monitoring for delta1010LT ?

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Tue Sep 7 02:28:07 PDT 2004

Jason Jones <j at poeticintensity.com>:

> Instead of getting an xrun per song now, I'm only getting one per
> every-other-song - but obviously, this is still unacceptable.  I

You didn't mention this in your initial mail: Do you run jackd with 
realtime capabilities? Is your kernel patched for low latency? If not 
forget *all* of your xrun symptoms and try that.

> changed my periods to 2048, and my recording rate to 44.1K - (I tried
> setting it to 4096, but when I tried to start jack, it told me alsa
> wouldn't allow a period with that setting...  Is that normal?)  I had

Alsa drivers reflect -- in the best case -- the hardware's limitations 
including buffersize limits.

> The only thing I can think of to get rid of the xruns is to start
> removing hardware (like my wireless NIC... maybe my second video
> card, although that one would hurt.  I use the full screen of both
> screens...

Before doing that it would make sense to google for "pci latency" and 
read http://myweb.cableone.net/eviltwin69/ALSA_JACK_ARDOUR.html

> :-(  )...  Maybe start removing processes which are running...  I've

The recent discussion of lighweight windowmanagers was misleading. If 
you run jackd with realtime capabilities on a low lat kernel you can 
run KDE, watch flashs and abuse openoffice while ardour is happily 
playing out 20 tracks. Things might be sluggish but there will be no 

btw: Could you try to start new threads for new questions?


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