[ardour-users] Analog Input level Monitoring for delta1010LT ?

Doug McLain nostar at comcast.net
Sun Sep 5 19:05:15 PDT 2004

Doug McLain wrote:
   Does it make sense why left on 1 and right
> on 2?  PCM1 is the left channel of a typical stereo audio signal, PCM2 
> is the right.  If you were to up both left and right on PCM1, you are 
> sending the left half of a signal to both sides, creating a mono signal. 
>  Do it on both PCM Out 1 and 2, and you have a mono signal at twice the 
> amplitude.  I used PCM Out 1/2 here as examples, using a typical stereo 
> wav file as an audio source, but this applies to all the ins/outs, etc.

Oops, correction.  Sending PCM1 to both L and R sides doesn't create a 
mono signal yet, just the left half of a stereo signal on both sides. 
Any pan happy mix, like the first few seconds of almost every song on 
the AC/DC Back n Black album, would point that out in a big hurry :)


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