[ardour-users] Analog Input level Monitoring for delta1010LT ?

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sun Sep 5 15:53:43 PDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-09-05 at 18:35, Jason Jones wrote:

> Thanks for the info.  This is *exactly* what I needed to know.  With 
> this info, I'll be ready to rock on Monday.  As far as JAMin goes, I've 
> never used it.  For now, I don't think I want to learn about it - just 
> because I'm going slightly crazy trying to figure out ardour and this 
> Delta card I got 2 days ago.  Isn't it great how I leave so much time to 
> learn how to do something before I actually do it? :)  Computer nerds 
> are weird... ;-)
	Ah, but you *will* need to learn how to use it after you record.  The
difference between a mastered track and an un-mastered one is amazing. 
JAMin is *very* simple to use (learning how to master, OTOH, is somewhat
more complex ;-)  When you get everything mixed to your taste just make
a new stereo track in Ardour, route the output of the master bus to
JAMin's two inputs, route the JAMIn outputs to the new stereo track, rec
enable the new stereo track, then record.  Even if you don't play with
the compression in JAMin you'll want to maximize the signal.

> Luckily, I found the envy24control about 30 minutes before I installed 
> my delta.  I would have gone insane without it.  But, because I'm so 
> inexperienced with it, there are *loads* of stuff I don't know much 
> about.  For instance...  I don't have a clue (or a very big clue) about 
> the loads of faders in the "analog volume" portion of the program.  
> There is DAC, (Digital to Audio Converter, maybe?) ADC (Analog -> 
> Digitcal Converter?), and another one...  I figured out that the DAC is 
> the one I needed to turn up so I could hear the headphones, but that's 
> about it.  The others, I haven't had time to fiddle with.....  Anyway...

	The faders are for input to the digital mixer.  You have a left and
right fader for each input.

> So, to do the hardware monitoring, I just set all of the analog inputs 
> in the Router page to the Monitor Mix, and that will turn on the 
> Hardware Monitoring? (I've got the headphones set to analog outs 1 and 
> 2).  That makes sense.
	For hardware monitoring set the Patchbay/Router H/W Out 1 and 2 to
Digital Mix L and R (assuming you are monitoring HW Out 1/2).  This will
allow you to hear both what you've already recorded and what you are
recording.  Make sure you have the faders up on PCM Out 1 and 2 and you
have unmuted them.  Same for the H/W Ins that you are using.

> One other problem we had was....  monitoring / changing the levels of 
> the mic inputs (ins 1 and 2), or any inputs for that matter.  I couldn't 
> find any controls anywhere that intuitively told me "These are the 
> faders you need to adjust in order to control the level of input".  I 
> just assumed the card didn't have that capability.  I read the manual 
> (which, unfortunately, was written for windows), so I knew about the 
> jumpers on the card (mic / line level)..  Is that the only way to adjust 
> the input levels?  I'm kinda sensing that it's not, and I'm just missing 
> something somewhere.  I hope this is the case.

	Level of the input should be controlled by your mixer or, as in the
case of the DSP2000 that I use, by hardware level controls on the
ADC/DAC.  There may be some software method of controlling the input
signal level for the Delta 1010 but I don't know what it is.

> >
> >>
> >> As far as recording at 96K - I definitely can turn that down - and I 
> >> will.  In my magically perfect world, I'd love to record at 96K, but 
> >> 44.1K will do fine.  Then I don't have to dither it down for CD.
> >
> >
> > Best idea i've heard.  Honestly, doing this will probably fix 
> > everything.  I am recording live drums/guitar (generally 6-7 tracks 
> > simultaneously) on a system identical to yours in every respect except 
> > 2400+ cpu with -p1024 without ever an xrun, since I use -r48000.
> Consider it done.  Thanks for the suggestion.

	You'll actually probably come out with a better recording going in at
44.1 since you won't have to resample to go to CD.


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