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Markus Piipari 2pii at luukku.com
Wed Sep 1 05:38:13 PDT 2004


Jesse Chappell wrote:

> Slaving to MTC is working much better now, but still needs
> testing.

> Have you tried it recently?  Any testing you can do with
> MTC slaving is invaluable.

I've used MTC syncing in Ardour a couple of times lately. Here's what I've done so far, hopefully this is useful in some way.

I've set up my synth workstation (a Roland Fantom-S88) as the MTC master and Ardour as the slave. This allows me to set the playhead location simultaneously in both the workstation's sequencer and Ardour by pressing the seek buttons on the workstation. I can also start and stop playback with the workstation's buttons.

My testing is currently far from extensive, as I've only worked on two simple songs this way. The functionality, however, seems to be quite useful already, and I intend to keep exploiting it from now on.

Obviously the main advantage of this is that I can now work on the sequencer parts on the workstation and then, whenever I feel like it, record some ideas on the guitar or the bass into Ardour without committing to any particular arrangement too too early on. This is exactly what I was expecting already over a year ago when I purchased the synth and started playing around with Ardour. :)

There have been some mildly irritating problems with, typically, Ardour not always reacting accordinly when I stop playback on the workstation. Usually a combination of pressing the synth's stop and seek backwards buttons a few times seems to get Ardour back on track again.

A couple of times after this has happened, Ardour has also started playback at the wrong location. Again, some more random fiddling with the workstation's seek buttons has usually helped. Ardour's playhead, by the way, always follows the workstation's timing correctly, even if the audible playback is from the wrong location.

These are only a couple of experiences from the top of my head and certainly not detailed enough for fixing actual bugs. I'd be happy to help with some more organised testing, if Jesse or somebody would like to, well, organise it. :)

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