[ardour-users] Syncing Ardour with a MIDI drum machine

Björn Elenfors bjoele at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 12:30:06 PDT 2004


New user of Ardour and Jack here.  Seems to work fine for my first
examples recording only myself a couple of times through the line in. 
Now I'd like to do the following:

Get Ardour to control a drum machine using midi (or some equivalent)
so that I can program a simple pattern in the drum machine, and record
analog sound to Ardour.  Once ready with the analog recordings, I
wanna be able to change the drum programming and still be in sync with
my tune...

Is this possible?  

being a novice at the midi world, I believe that MTC is the way to go,
but the only drum machine I have on my computer is Hydrogen and I
simply don't find anything about MTC in that one.

any suggestions?   couldn't find what I was looking for with google so
I ask here.


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