[ardour-users] ardour doesn't find libjack.so.0, exits.

Damien DeZurik ddezurik at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 26 10:24:28 PDT 2004

Thanks to all for the great insight and discussion.  I
did add /usr/local/lib to ld.so.conf, ldconfig'd, and
that fixed my problem in a way that I feel is standard
relative to the way I do/have_done things.  After some
fiddling to get my Audiophile_2496 card set up with
the right connections in JACK, I had it all.  I laid
down a couple test tracks last night, seems like a
great product.  Cheers to all who work and continue to
work on such a cool tool for Linux!

Next step, Hydrogen... 


--- "Daniel G. Epstein" <dgepstein at pobox.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 11:06:58AM -0700, Damien
> DeZurik wrote:
> > In regards to this comment:
> > 
> > > ... Consider why the library ended
> > > up in /usr/local vs. /usr. Consider what will
> happen
> > > if you use a
> > > differenct, more standard ./configure
> --prefix=/usr
> > > later on.
> > 
> >  Perhaps in different distros/shops/circles the
> answer
> > to this question is different but I will ask
> anyway;
> > isn't /usr/local the best place to put third
> party,
> > post-OS-install software?  You know, somewhere
> common
> > to put all that stuff you loaded yourself so it
> can be
> > backed up, and restored easily if, for example,
> major
> > system/OS changes need to occur.
> > 
> >  Please feel free to set me straight on this, but
> ...
> One shop I worked with at the University of Chicago
> uses a directory
> called '/opt/pkgs' (they're primarily a Solaris
> shop) in which we build
> all custom packages with a syntax of
> '${packagename}-${version}.${rev}'.
> This would mean that you would build and install
> JACK v.0.99.0 with
> a prefix of '/opt/pkgs/jack-0.99.0'.  We then use a
> script called
> mklinks.sh which (primarily) creates symlinks from
> files within the
> various subdirs of the package directory (bin, lib,
> man, sbin, share,
> etc, &c.) to their equivalents in the root of the
> /opt tree (/opt/bin/,
> /opt/lib, &c.).  You can grab the script here (but
> note that I neither
> I, nor anyone listed in this script will provide
> support for its use):
>   http://www.rootlike.com/mklinks.sh.txt
> This system handles multiple concurrent versions
> reasonably well (look
> at the script), and also can be used either as part
> of a package
> management scheme for systems without another
> package management system
> (it's initial design), or to facilitate custom
> package creation with
> something like RPM.  I'll also note that mklinks.sh
> allows for an
> alternate location to /opt, so you could create a
> /usr/local/pkgs/
> directory, and link everything into
> '/usr/local/${foo}'.  Personally, I
> prefer sticking with /opt out of habit.  However, it
> is also a good idea
> if you're using packages built by other people
> through something like
> RPM because prebuilt packages for various linux
> distros are not always
> consistent <gasp> about whether they install in /usr
> or /usr/local.
> Of course, this doesn't solve the problem of your
> compiler not seeing
> your libraries.  For this, you should edit
> /etc/ld.so.conf, add your
> missing library paths, and then run ldconfig.  My
> guess is that you're
> missing /usr/local/lib.  Alternately, you could
> explicitly specify the
> search paths with -I and -L compiler flags.
> Cheers,
> Dan
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