[ardour-users] Ardour crashes when closing sessions

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Fri Oct 22 12:16:56 PDT 2004

Kevin Ernste wrote on Fri, 22-Oct-2004:

 > Things build beautifully here but then I get an error during the "make
 > install" portion:
 > make[4]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ardour/libs/ardour/intl'
 > Making install in po
 > make[4]: Entering directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ardour/libs/ardour/po'
 > /bin/sh `case ".././mkinstalldirs" in /*) echo ".././mkinstalldirs" ;;
 > *) echo "../.././mkinstalldirs" ;; esac` /usr/share
 > ../.././mkinstalldirs: ../.././mkinstalldirs: No such file or directory
 > make[4]: *** [install-data-yes] Error 127
 > make[4]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ardour/libs/ardour/po'
 > make[3]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
 > make[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ardour/libs/ardour'
 > make[2]: *** [install] Error 2
 > make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ardour/libs/ardour'
 > make[1]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
 > make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ardour/libs'
 > make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
Blech.  I hate autotools.  To work around this, you should find
a mkinstalldirs (its just a script) somewhere else (probably in
the toplevel) and copy it into the libs/ directory.  Then try
the make install again.

This is why relying upon random peope's versions of the autotools
is bad (when building CVS snaphots), and instead using real dist
tarballs (made by the developers) is easier for end-users.


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