[ardour-users] Ardour crashes when closing sessions

CB ardour at crispin.cb-ss.net
Fri Oct 22 04:08:24 PDT 2004

Just wondering if this is a known bug or an idiosyncrasy of my

If I try and open a different existing session when the the current
session has changes, naturally I get the "save session" dialogue. If I
then choose either "Save and close session" or "just close session",
ardour quits instantly. If instead I save first from the 'file' menu,
and then try and open an existing session, I also get a crash. I haven't
tested exhaustively, but I think the upshot is that ardour always
crashes if I try and open an existing session when the current session
has had changes during the current invocation.

Does anyone else experience this with Ardour 0.9b19? Is there somewhere
I should be logging it as a bug? 

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