[ardour-users] Windows Manager & XRuns

Jim Robinson jim at linux-sp.com
Thu Oct 21 03:40:03 PDT 2004

Hi Folks,

Been following various threads on XRuns and thought I would throw my
experience into the mix.  No claim here that this is the best way to stop
those pesky Xrun critters but it did make my life a whole lot better on
that front.

When I am getting into a 'heavy' recording session using Ardour, Jack and
associate apps I always switch to fluxbox windows manager.  I have found
that both KDE and Gnome are more prone to cause xruns for whatever reason.
 Fluxbox is so simplistic (read: fast) that all my system is more able to
cope and I don't see any xruns at all.

On a side note.  I have an AMD2200, ~700Mb DDR Ram, built in graphics card
(yuck) 7200Rpm SG 80Gb HDD running FC1.ccrma with a Sound Blaster Live
card (shame about the soundcard eh!).  The only real tweaking I have done
so far is with the hard disks - I have not yet started on the video
optimization - that maybe why I need to run fluxbox!

Hope that helps some folks out there in Ardour land!

Great product BTW!



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