[ardour-users] Track inputs and outputs, and monitoring

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 19:12:37 PDT 2004

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 10:07:41 +1000, CB <ardour at crispin.cb-ss.net> wrote:
> By default, sessions in ardour seem to be set up so that each track
> outputs to a master track, which outputs to playback.
> As a result, when I record  track 2 (input: alsa_pcm:capture) whilst
> monitoring a previously recorded track 1, track 2 ends up with track 1
> recorded onto it also.
> The only way I've found around this is to mute master, and patch the
> tracs I want to hear during recording to alsa_pcm:playback (I have no
> idea why this doesn't then also record onto the new track, but it
> doesn't). This seems  clumsy to say the least. There must be a better
> way?

Ardour has some bugs in this area. you just have to work through then.

1) First, there is an option to not auto-connect new tracks. To me
this is the preferred method. Make a track - it's not connected, and
then you connect it where you need it connected. (To the master or a
bus as a submaster.) Unfortunately this option doesn't work in beta19.

2) I see something happening when I make stereo tracks where the
autoconnection gets done with phase reversals. The first is 1/2 and
then the second is 2/1, etc.

In my experience, if I disconnect all inputs and all outs manually,
and then go back and manually hook them where I want them I seem to
record only what I want. That said, I'm doing my testing on a two
input sound chip setup as my HDSP 9652 box is sitting in the corner
waiting for paint in the new room to dry... ;-)


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