[ardour-users] Ardour-Hydrogen Sync Problem!

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Mon Oct 18 15:07:27 PDT 2004

Don't know if it'll help you to know, but i'm using hydrogen version 
0.9.0 in sync with ardourbeta19, and it works 99%, wich means there are 
hardly any errors at all, the transport control also working very 
nicely. Jack is version 0.99. Don't know why you're using those older 
versions, though...

Can report very high level of 'coolness' in this setup, it is powerful 
but nice and convenient to use. Have been using lots of Windows-software 
like Fruityloops and even the big packages for Sonar, but this setup is 
way cooler, at least for me, being a hiphop/acidjazz-beats producer. I 
see that there are many things from the professional world of that kind 
of music taken in account in the making of jack, ardour and even hydrogen.

-johannes ringheim,

muadib at in.gr wrote:

>I am having problems connecting Hydrogen as a slave to Ardour.
>What I do is: 
>Invoke JACK: jackd -R -d alsa -d sblive -p 512 -r 44100 -H
>Load hydrogen and then load Ardour.
>All these run under Root.
>I then go to Hydrogen, load up a project, and press the JACK Transport button on top.
>Then, I bring up Ardour, make a new session, go to the Option window, Sync, Sync with JACK. I then add some tracks, edit their Inputs to capture from hydrogen's tracks.
>>From there on, whatever I do on Ardour, Hydrogen does not obey(some slave, huh?).
>Here's what versions I run:Ardour 09beta17.1, ardour/gtk 0.520.1, libardour lib 0.820.1
>JACKd 0.98.1, Hydrogen 0.8.2-1.
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