[ardour-users] Re: [ardour-dev] Problem opening a session... any way to salvage it?

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Sun Oct 17 06:32:32 PDT 2004

R Parker wrote:

> Have you resolve this? If not, my strategy would be to
> backup the session and remove all references to this
> from the sessionname.xml file. I imagine you can
> figure out which .wav file is associate with that ID
> and then add it back into the file after you get it to
> open again. 

No I didn't resolve it yet.

Now when you say "sessionname.xml" are you talking about the
"sessionname.ardour" file?  Or is there some other file?  In the directory where
this session is, I have the sessionname.ardour file, Instant.xml, and a couple
of directories for sounds, automation, etc. that we're all familiar with.  Just
trying to get clear about which file...

because I did open the sessionname.ardour file in a text editor, did a search
for the number reported in the error msg., found it referred to in a couple of
Region sections and removed from <Region= to </Region> where those were
contained.  It still wouldn't open the file, just gives the error:

[ERROR]: Session "/d/fred/you are holy (snapshot you are holy)" did not load

So I guess I need to cleanse the .ardour file a little better, or just go
through it and rebuild it?  Is there any documentation on this?


I'm going to go mess with it some more this morning and see if I can't fix it

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