[ardour-users] Some doubts

Leandro Marco leandromarco at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 03:26:24 PST 2004

Ok. Thanks for the help.
Now I have a better idea of what I want. Unfortunatelly the
m-revolution and audiophile are not sold here in Brazil. So I will
have to import and in this case the tax rates will let the product
very expensive, and for now, it is out of my plans. Who knows in the

Bye and thanks again

On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 18:48:03 +0100, Ctirad Fertr <phanatic at volny.cz> wrote:
> Dne so 27. listopadu 2004 05:08 Leandro Marco napsal(a):
> > First. I have a rock band, so I will mainly use Ardour to record
> > things outside the computer. One of my doubts is: How is the best way
> > to connect my guitar or my keyboard to my sound card? Nowadays I just
> > plug the output of the0 effectt pedal (in the guitar example) or of my
> > keyboard into my soundcard Line-In or Mic Input (because my sound card
> > is bad I can't make Line-in work). But I know, that it is not the
> > right way and I 've heard that I can danificate my sound card doing
> > this because of eletric incompatibility between my sound card Line-in
> > input and the output of the guitar (is this true?).
> It´s true. The standard way of recording an electric guitar is to use a
> microphone on your guitar cabinet. The alternative way is to use some amp
> modeling device. I personaly own the Behringer V-AMP Pro, which is extremely
> cool, BTW. It has both line and s/pdif output so you can connect it to any
> soundcard and easy record with a proffesional sounding result.
> > Anyway, I will buy
> > soon a new computer to work more seriously with DAW, so I want to make
> > things the right way. And here come another question. Do you think
> > Audigy ES (cames before Audigy 2) fits what I need to record things
> > with a minimum of quality?
> No. Forget Audigy, it´s good for games, however it´s unsuitable for any
> (semi)professional work. You can get m-audio revolution or audiophile 2496
> for similar price. These cards are based on Envy24 chipset and they are far
> better for recording. For little more money you can get a ESI juli@, but
> unfortunatelly the linux drivers are not finished, yet.
> > P.S. Sorry for the English errors. i am Brazilian.
> I´m Czech and my english is also far from perfect ;)
> regards,
> Ctirad

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