[ardour-users] Some doubts

Leandro Marco leandromarco at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 20:08:26 PST 2004

Hi all.
I am a beginner in this issue (actually Ardour is the first DAW I 've
been used), so I have some basic doubts and I am wondering if someone
could help.

First. I have a rock band, so I will mainly use Ardour to record
things outside the computer. One of my doubts is: How is the best way
to connect my guitar or my keyboard to my sound card? Nowadays I just
plug the output of the effectt pedal (in the guitar example) or of my
keyboard into my soundcard Line-In or Mic Input (because my sound card
is bad I can't make Line-in work). But I know, that it is not the
right way and I 've heard that I can danificate my sound card doing
this because of eletric incompatibility between my sound card Line-in
input and the output of the guitar (is this true?). Anyway, I will buy
soon a new computer to work more seriously with DAW, so I want to make
things the right way. And here come another question. Do you think
Audigy ES (cames before Audigy 2) fits what I need to record things
with a minimum of quality? There are several aspects besides the
quality of the card like Linux support.
Weel, for now is this. I appreciate very much if someone could help me.
P.S. Sorry for the English errors. i am Brazilian.

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