[ardour-users] a little more music made with Ardour

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Fri Nov 26 06:15:12 PST 2004


  As I'm learning more about Ardour I plan to assemble some minor 
projects and put them on-line as further examples. My most recent 
addition is a Prelude & Fugue in G for TX802 organ. It's an old piece 
that I had previously recorded to CD many moons ago. I ripped the track, 
remixed it in Ardour, the sound is now much more to my liking, and it's 
now on-line for your listening pleasure here:


  Minimal work with Ardour, but the sound was so much better afterwards. 
Btw, you keyboard players will have to forgive me, the pieces aren't 
really meant to be humanly playable (though they may be, I never checked 
with an actual player).  :)



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