[linux-audio-user] Re: [ardour-users] more music with Ardour

Jeffrey Gonzales jeffrey.gonzales at free.fr
Tue Nov 16 07:35:58 PST 2004

Florian Schmidt wrote:

>On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 14:17:59 +0100
>Robert Jonsson <rj at spamatica.se> wrote:
>>I halfway solution might be to create a new mailinglist, linux-audio-music or 
>>whatever. Or should we use linux-audio-user ?
>In some forums yuo have special longlived threads dedicated to certain
>topics. So we should probably just have one long lived thread named
>"ardour-music" or something which people can filter out easily if they want
I think it's a brilliant idea.
It's really good to be able to share the music we make with each other.

I'm really curious to find out the diffrent pieces produced with Ardour 
as well as their quality (production / mastering / ...).

If the [ardour-users] is flooded with some "that's I've done !!!" mails, 
it might become annoying

I don't think it is annoying so far.  Contrarywise, it's been really 
instructing to me.



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