[ardour-users] Ardour crashing X windows

Nathaniel Virgo nathaniel.virgo at ntlworld.com
Mon Nov 15 15:01:30 PST 2004

Hi all,

I keep getting this problem where Ardour somehow manages to crash my X 
windows session, and I was wondering if anyone knows what's going on or 
has experienced the same thing.  It happens at completely random points, 
and is preceeded by the computer being really sluggish for a fraction of 
a second so I suspect it's a denormal problem in one or more of the many 
LADSPA plugins I use... but how can this log me out of X?  When I used 
to run Gnome it would crash X completely, so that `startx` would 
complain that my system wasbadly configured and I'd have to reboot to 
get it to work again, and now under fluxbox it just takes me back to the 
session manager.

Anyone else seen this?


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