[ardour-users] About Punches, and other things ...

phil.gay at free.fr phil.gay at free.fr
Sun Nov 14 10:25:48 PST 2004

		Well, I have problems with Punches-In : Ardour don't want to record more 
than 2 Bars in Punch mode . Is it normal or are my settings wrong, or a 
little bug ? Then I have to record many small region to finish recording a 
part . How i have to do to glue 2 or more small regions to have just one ?

	Other problem about Jack, now : Actually, my settings allow me to work 
properly with a small number of tracks, that's OK for the moment . But each 
times I tried to launch Jack with "jackrealtime" by QJackctl, It never could 
connect . I tried many and many settings and always have the same results, 
even logged in "root" . I think my hardware good enought (Bi Athlon 2200, 
Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 [chipset ICE 1712] , SCSI 160 ...), then why I 
can't start JACK with the "jackrealtime" script ...?

	Hey, another detail 'bout Ardour : how can I Master my Session ? I'm using 
the AGNULA/Demudi distro, and a soft called "Jamin" is available . Are Ardour 
sessions compatible with it ?

 	And a last question : I have a session Ardour can't load it because it seems 
that a piece of sound is lost ( perhaps with a "destroy" region command 
before an Ardour "crash" ) . Is there some possibilities to retrieve it ?

Thanks in advance for your help ...


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