[ardour-users] some questions

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Thu Nov 11 22:34:57 PST 2004

Hi Josh:

  Thanks for the advice, it works perfectly with the 66. Very cool !



Josh Karnes wrote:

> Dave Phillips wrote:
>> I'd like to know more about monitoring with a Delta system. What's 
>> the recommended setup ? I assume I want to go with hardware 
>> monitoring, but I'm not completely sure I understand the connections.
> It's easy.
> Plug your cue-mix rig into outputs 1&2 on the delta.  This is where 
> I'd put
> a headphone amp.  And let's say you're recording on channel 1, so plug 
> your
> source into the channel 1 input on the delta.
> Run the Envy24 control utility, unmute channels 1&2 output, turn the 
> faders
> up (Left only on 1, Right only on 2).  Unmute the input on channel 1 and
> turn the fader up.  You should be able to see the meter moving when 
> you make
> noises into the mic.  Switch to the "Monitor Mixer" or whatever it's 
> called
> tab (used to be Monitor Mixer in Windows, I don't remember what it's 
> called
> in Linux because I'm not at that computer now).  For 1&2 click the radio
> buttons "Digital Mix L" and "Digital Mix R".  Now when you make noises 
> into
> the mic connected to channel 1, you should hear it in the headphone.  
> What
> this does is copy the signal input on whatever inputs you have unmuted 
> and
> turned up, and play that signal back on 1&2.
> Now run Ardour.  Don't turn on "hardware monitoring".  Leave it as-is 
> default.
> If you have control room monitors running on different system than 
> your cue
> mix, then you can go to the qjackctl applet and on "Connections", drag a
> line from the Ardour "Master 1" and "Master 2" outputs to another pair of
> outputs on the Delta and you'll be sending the master to both 1 & 2 
> and also
> the new pair of outputs.  Plug those outputs (say 5 & 6) into your 
> control
> monitors.  They will get Ardour playback master channel, but not the 
> input
> of whatever instrument you have plugged in.
> Does this all make sense?  It's really easy, and in fact, this works 
> so well
> I'm amazed that anyone uses anything for recording other than Envy24
> devices.  You totally don't need a hardware mixer unless you are 
> recording
> more simultaneous sources than you have physical inputs on the card.

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