[ardour-users] some questions

Brett W. McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Thu Nov 11 06:50:56 PST 2004

Dave Phillips wrote:

> I've been running Ardour as normal user but recently I thought I'd try 
> doing so as root. My system isn't very powerful (800 MHz Duron CPU), and 
> JACK kicks Ardour out when things get too active. Running as root 
> appears to alleviate (but not totally eradicate) that problem. Btw, I 
> always shut down my network connection when I use Ardour as root. It 
> seems the safe thing to do...

I do that even when I am running Jack & Ardour as a regular user, just 
to cut down the possibility of unexpected events occurring.  In fact, I 
shut down any unnecessary services (like cron) while I am recording so 
as much machine resources as possible are dedicated to audio.

> I'd like to know more about monitoring with a Delta system. What's the 
> recommended setup ? I assume I want to go with hardware monitoring, but 
> I'm not completely sure I understand the connections.

You will want to use the envy24control utility from the alsatools bundle 
and use the hardware monitoring controls it provides.  Turn off all 
monitoring in jack or Ardour, you won't need it and you will get funny 
results if you do have them on.

-- Brett

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