[ardour-users] some questions

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Thu Nov 11 05:46:17 PST 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:

>   I would not call my use of Ardour today very sophisticated so take
>this for what it's worth. (Possibly very little...)
Mark, I'll read anything with your name on it. ;)

>No, I'm fine running as a normal user using QJC and Ardour. My kernel
>is 2.6.9-rc2-mm4-VP-S7-UMP-noAPCI. I have the newer Linux Security
>Module stuff installed and have created a reatime group which is
>granted privileges. My user account is part of that group. I have 1394
>enabled for using external audio drives.
Cool. I'm still running a 2.4 LL kernel on Planet C RH 9, works well but 
I know my system is underpowered.

>>    When I start writing an automated fade the fader always resets to
>>unity before writing. Is there a way to force it to start from the
>>fader's current position ?
>OK, please take this next part with a grain of salt. I'm approaching
>Ardour like it was Pro Tools and just trying to do the same things.
>Some things work. Some things don't. That may be by design. I don't
>know... [snip]
See my response to Josh's message...

>Personally I'd feel more at home with an edit process that looked like this:
>1) Open automation and see an existing line.
>2) Double click that line and get a new automation edit point existing
>on that line.
>3) Single click to grab and move that existing edit point.
That's how I would expect it to work, it's similar in the old SGI Mix 
program. *Much* clearer than the present implementation.

>I like Ardour's ability to grab an automation segment and drag it up
>and down. That's handy.

>I am completely missing mute automation. Often I record multiple takes
>and then alternately mute and unmute different portions of different
>tracks. Ardour doesn't support mute automation (in my beta19 version
>anyway) so to do something similar I have to mess with volume
Good point. Have you played around with edit and mix groups yet ? You 
might find a workaround there...

>Oh - BTW - I have two tracks, both have automation. Both say play. One
>moves the fader. The other does not. why?
Probably for the same reason that I can normalize one region but not 
another, i.e., for no apparent reason at all... :(

>>    Do you have any favorite LADSPA or VST effects you use frequently ?
>No VSTs within Ardour since it doesn't support the newest versions of
>wine. I'm running Ardour with the --novst option and using a few VST
>instruments outside (Battery, Crystal) along with Zyn as a stand alone
>synth. I don't tend to use effects much. Reverb and compessors tend to
>be the limit for me.
Same here, though I'll hold off the compression 'til the end. Also, I'll 
probably start using JAMin for post-production dynamics processing.

Just adding a couple different reverbs sends my CPU usage 'way high... I 
need a new machine...

Muchas gracias !



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